Séries 03 - Drawings for "The Passion"

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CA ON00012 SC105-03


Drawings for "The Passion"


  • [192-] - [193-] (Criação)

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1844 pages of drawings
8 photographs

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Series contains preparatory pencil drawings for ‘The Passion’ series. Munn commonly used both sides of her sheets of paper and the numbers given are for the number of pages. Some contain a brief notation or number. She apparently combined and rearranged the small drawings; some are pasted composites, and others contain pin-holes. Most sheets contain a single figure with variations in stance, usually involving points or dots, suggesting that she was using an angle to work out geometrical structure. The sheer quantity indicates the extraordinary effort involved in the creation of her final drawings. Series also contains 1 ink and brush drawing, and one charcoal drawing. None are dated.

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The archivist has arranged the drawings for physical safety only. Boxes 5,6 and 7 contain pages that fit within a legal file folder. There are generally 3 sizes of sheets used: small sheets, approximately 13.5 x 18.5 cm; letter-size sheets, approximately 28 x 21 cm; and legal-size sheets, approximately 35.5 x 21 cm. Oversize material for this series is found in Box 4. Where noted, drawings were loosely inserted between the covers of commercial writing pads. The covers have been removed for conservation reasons and grouped at the end of each box.

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