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  • ON00120 003-1-1
  • Dossier
  • circa 1980
  • Fait partie de Michael Kelly

File contains a three page memo from Carl Wallace to the Participants in the Sudbury History Project regarding chapter deadlines, requirements, and proposed author divisions.

Miscellaneous Research

File consists of a photocopy of a photograph of A.P. Turner, photocopies of letters, sections of books, and articles, and typed quotes regarding Almond Penfield Turner from The Globe, The Toronto Daily Star, and The Evening Telegram. Photocopies include a letter from W. A. Hooker to Charles W. Bingham in 1886, sections from the Ontario Smelting Works Letter Book, the Courier Christmas Number, Selected sections of The Mining and Smelting Operations of the International Nickel Company of Canada Limited written by the staff in March 1920, selected sections of The Mond Nickel Company Limited, selected sections of History of Nickel Extraction From Sudbury Ores Part I 1846-1920 Part II 1921-1956 Prepared by the Research Library The International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited May 1956, and selected sections of The First 75 Years A Headline History of Sudbury Canada By Charles Dorian.

Sudbury Journal Notes

File includes an annotated photocopy of the Sudbury Journal, August 1891 to May 1918 Index Compiled by John Rowan 1970, and typed and handwritten notes covering such topics as Copper Cliff, the railway, 'Duchy of Cleveland' capitalists in Sudbury, Morallity with Opium & Women, Sinclair Suicide, Copper Cliff Hotels, Chinese Laundry, 'Dawn of New Era' Sudbury, Electric Railway, Ethnic Violence, the King Edward Hotel, Immigration into Ontario, and INCO.

Complaints of Loose Morality and Against Chinese Residents

File consists of a typed transcription of a morality complaint filed against Asian Sudburians by Mrs. C.R. McKessock, President of the Local Council of Women of Sudbury (October 16, 1912), the Provincial Police acknowledgment letter (October 17, 1912), the Superintendent Roger's reply to the complaint (October 19, 1912), and Mrs McKessock's reply letter (October 21, 1912). Also included is an Archives of Ontario Request Slip to see R.G. 23, Series File E-18 1.16 Sudbury - Complaints of Loose Morality and Against Chinese Residents Ontario Provincial Police File Regarding 1912 as well as various correspondence between Michael Kelly and the Ontario Provincial Police discussing Kelly's request to view these records at the Archives of Ontario.

Press Releases

File consists of a press release concerning the purchase of Muirheads by Grand & Toy, an OfficeMax company.


File consists of Muirheads' correspondence including a memo and a fax.


One memo dated May 18, 1972 and sent by W.C. Muirhead [Bill Muirhead] concerning the sale of Muirhead Stations Limited to Alan Querney. This memo, while not addressed, was most likely sent to the employees of Muirhead Stations Limited at the time of purchase.


One photocopy of a fax, dated December 4, 1991, to Wendy Watson of MCTV from Alan Querney of Muirheads. Attached to the fax are photocopies of a newspaper clipping ("Scottish Sailor opened store 100 years ago" by Harold Carmichael, The Sudbury Star, October 30, 1991) and two photocopies of sections in books regarding the history of Muirheads ("Muirhead Stationers Inc." in The Sudbury Region by Richard P. Baine, 1969, p. 147; and "The first 75 years : a headline history of Sudbury, Canada" by Charles Dorian, 1958, p26-27).


File consists of a two-page typed, annotated history of Muirhead Stationers Limited. This history was most likely written by an employee at Muirhead Stationers.


File consists of two photocopied clippings of articles; "Good display plus power of promotion sells complete office installations" by Phyllis Mitchell in the June 1962 Canadian Stationer & Office Equipment Deal p. 10-11 & 30 and "Muirheads a Family Affair Plus" by John Sturtridge in the May 1993 The Downtowner Herald p. 10

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