Welcome to the AtoM Online Demo!

The version hosted here at http://demo.accesstomemory.org/ is an easy way to test the latest release of the AtoM software. You are free to add and change any of the sample data. However, please note that the website will automatically reload the default data every hour, on the hour. Any data that you enter yourself will not be permanently saved. Additionally, there may be more than one demo user logged-in at the same time, so you may see data changes made by others while you are using the software.

The demo site is publicly edited and unmoderated - Artefactual Systems accepts no responsibility for the content created by its users. For reasons of security, all upload and external linking functionality is currently disabled. Users who wish to test these features may download the Vagrant box maintained on the AtoM website, and test locally.

Log in

You can log in to our demo site with one of the following accounts:

Full administrator privilegesdemo@example.comdemo
Full translate privilegestranslate@example.comtranslate


Consult the online user manual for instructions and to learn more about the features that are available in the latest AtoM release.

Join the discussion

AtoM is an open source software project in active development. We value community contribution and participation. If you find any bugs, have new feature requests or would like to help out with software development, documentation or translation, please post a message to the AtoM discussion group.

The records included in this instance of AtoM have been generously provided by the Canadian Council on Archives (CCA). This instance is being used for training and demonstration purposes only.