This is the online demo site for the Access to Memory (AtoM) project. AtoM is a web-based open source application for archival description and access in a multi-repository, multilingual environment. Want to learn more about what that means? Please visit our website:

The credentials to log into this site as an administrator, so you can test out AtoM's functionality, can be found on the home page. Click on the AtoM logo or the "Demo" title in the header bar at the top of the page to return to the home page. You can log in to our demo site with one of the following accounts:

Full administrator privilegesdemo@example.comdemo
Full translate privilegestranslate@example.comtranslate

All of our end user documentation is available on our website - we generate a new version of our User, Administrator, and Developer Manuals for each major release. Check them out here:

We maintain an online User Forum where new and experienced users are welcome to post questions, start discussions, share experiences, and pool resources. If you've got a question you can't figure out by playing with this site or by looking through our documentation, please by all means come post in our User Forum and we'll be happy to help as we are able. Join us!

In general, you should be able to use the Search box from any page within AtoM to enter a word or phrase. A summary listing of archival descriptions which match your search will be returned. Click on the title of these to read a description in full.

You can also do an Advanced Search by following the link that will appear in a drop-down menu when you place your cursor in the main search box. This allows you to combine different search terms, to search for phrases, or to limit your search to a particular institution.

The Browse menu to the left of the search box offers a variety of ways of looking through the contents of this site, including by lists of the places, subjects and people covered by descriptions in the database.

Feel free to play around! This site will automatically refresh regularly, so you don't have to worry about breaking anything :)

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, uploads have been disabled on this site. If you would like to test uploads, we suggest you consider setting up a local testing environment, using our Vagrant box - more information can be found on our website in the Administrator's manual - look for "Using Vagrant."